Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Importance of Computer Training Today

Computer, today, is a phenomenal part of our lives. The invention of computer have been said to be the greatest revolution of mankind ever. In our world today, we have experienced vast development in our world today as a result of this wonderful innovation. These machines have become relevant in every sphere of life, making our lives much easier and more complex simultaneously. For instance, an average tea shop uses the computer for billing.
The importance of computers spread across every cycle of life ranging from the medical field at childbirth. It also spreads through the child’s academic field in the developmental phase and finally to the career phase. In most developed countries, a child becomes computer literate at the age of three regardless of the parents’ financial status. Subsequently, these children keep developing their computer skills as they grow older owing to regular usage and adults’ supervision. In addition, computer appreciation courses are offered at different levels and required at virtually every sphere of life. Therefore, there is little or no need for computer training programs.
However, over time, we have all come to see the need to acquire basic knowledge and skills in computer. In Africa today, according to Google Analytics insight, Nigeria has been rated number one among other developing countries in her interest in computer appreciation and skill acquisition. In fact, companies now offer computer training to staff. Also, we have schools closely bridging the gap by introducing computer programs into primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
Sadly, the larger part of our population is yet to embrace this basic tool of revolution in science and technology. This massive challenge if taken likely can cause a major setback in the growth and development of science and technology. This could eventually lead to the death of the nation as a whole. To remedy this situation calls for the need for computer trainers, whether expatriates or indigenous. Computer training should be adopted in every place and at every phase or level of life. It is advisable to equip trainees with vital materials including the computer at little or no cost for effective learning. Although this might seem impossible, it is an achievable task.
For example, these experts can together build a body or organization with various services. These services should include basic computer appreciation programs, recycling and re-coupling of computer parts. Recycling and re-coupling serve as means of minimizing computer wastes and optimizing its availability. The organization can also import new computers alongside other body parts of computers and assemble them for sales. The recycled computers can be sold to some of the trainees at low cost. Other trainees with impressive grades can also be rewarded with computers to encourage them.
Conclusively, computer awareness should be practiced everywhere. And programs that will encourage the interest of the general populace should be set in motion with the right motives. With these in place, Nigeria is sure to record a spontaneous geometric progression in the technological growth of the nation.

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