Monday, 25 July 2016

The Need For Practical Computer Knowledge In Nigerian Schools Today.

CCIT Computer Academy 
Academic workloads have generally become lots easier with the advancement of computer usage in our schools today.
But in Nigeria today for example, most students still experience tedious academic life due to lack of computer applications knowledge , its technical know- how and their usages in the academic works  especially in the areas of computations, researches, essay writings, projects handling, term papers , article writings , easy reading and so on.
This huge lack in computer education among Nigeria university graduates has contributed to the high rate of unemployment among these school leavers because virtually every work in the offices today are neatly carried out  effectively and efficiently with the help of computer applications software like Microsoft Office Programs , Oracle Database, Cisco Networking, Programming , Software Development etc.
A Research from “Open Source Office Application Software” shows that a lot of application software that can be used to achieve office tasks within a minimal time range have flooded the market and in many open source sites and are ready to be used. Therefore, many employers seek more for students who have good computer operation knowledge and can manage this software very well in the interest of their organizations than students with little or no idea of computer operations irrespective of their academic qualifications.
However, with the advent of computer training schools like CCIT Computer” and many other computer education institutes in various parts of Nigeria, many students both graduates and under graduates stand chance to gain practical computer education that are not taught or found in most Nigerian University Curriculum.
Moreover, while the use of computer has gained its ground in the western world, more still needs to be done in African continent as more schools are yet to prioritize computer education and usage in their day to day academic lives among the teachers and students. There is need for computer education to gain more grounds in schools with the basic knowledge being introduced from the foundation level.
A little assessment of some Nigerian graduates reveals that majority of them do not have practical computer knowledge from their various universities.
Let’s have a look at some of the University graduates trained by CCIT Academy and what they have to say:


CCIT Computer Academy

CCIT Computer Academy

Some of these students were fortunate to be given a free training on computer by CCIT Academy and they were very appreciative of that, though the training opened their eyes to more reasons they should acquire further knowledge.

Why do we need computer education in schools?
With the use of computers, academic lives of both teachers and students in Nigeria in the areas of computations, researches, essay writings, projects handling, term papers , article writings , easy reading etc. will be made better.
As technology advances, most offices are seen to be moving with the trend by either training their existing staff on computer or laying them off to employ new staffs who already have the knowledge.
With the availability of computers in offices, human resource management has become a lot easier task as online staff record, management and performance assessment have taken the place of the old traditional system of filing and manual checks and balances at work.
Computer usage has also made life very much easier for journalists and writers hence, the increase d rate of online writers and bloggers.
What about social networking with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace, Youtube and more?
With the computer applications, students can download lots of files for their works from the internet, watch videos, listen to music or learn some skills online. In addition, they can catch up with and socialize with friends and families.
Nevertheless, computer has played significant roles in our business environment today. Most of the SMEs in Nigeria have carried out a lot of business activities through the use of internet services.
With the usefulness of computer and other advanced technologies, it is therefore, necessary for practical computer education to be introduced in schools from the primary to tertiary stages of learning.  There is need for schools to advance from theoretical teachings of computer to practical aspect for better usage in work premises and economic improvements.

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